Photos of Appliances

Darlington’s appliances around 2004/5


VUP 668F, A Bedford Water Tender. This was the first appliance I ever turned out in. It was at Seaham in 1974 when I was posted there straight from Training school in June of 1974

VUP 934L and CPT 596L . Two Dennis Jaguar engine Dennis appliances that were stationed at N5 Seaham between 1974 and 1977. WPT 389R came brand new to Seaham in October 1977  just prior to the strike of November 1977 and DBR 947S came to Seaham from Durham in 1978. Both appliances remained in service at Seaham until 1984 when they were replaced by the dreaded Bedford Mountain appliances. The two men in the photograph are Ronnie Gustard and Joe Hailes.

A946 and 947 ARG. Peterlee’s Bedford Mountain appliances


Convoy exercise around 2007/8


Bishop Auckland Line up 1999. Right to left Scania 1st turnout. Volvo wrecker, Dennis 2nd Turnout and a Dennis Foam Tender


Peterlee’s old 50′ Simon Snorkel Pictured here after being sold to Northern Ireland
Bishop Auckland’s old Dennis Jag, after being sold by Heathrow Airport, where it worked as a site vehicle. (Before)
Bishop’s old Dennis Jag, after it had been purchased and completely refurbished. (After)
Hebburn’s two Dennis appliances affectionately known as ‘Fatha and son’
WPT 387R Dennis appliance with a Rolls/Royce petrol engine.
Dennis with a 4.2 litre Jaguar engine. The had been stationed at Durham from new, then at Seaham and converted into a foam tender.
CPT 596L ended up as an office for a Garage in Ryhope near Sunderland
The dreaded Bedford Mountains. Four of these were bought in 1984 (A946, 947, 948 & 949 ARG) and were stationed at Seaham and Peterlee. The CFO at the time admitted that he got four of these for the same price of three Dennis appliances AND there was enough left over to be able to buy him a new car. Everyone that rode them said they were rubbish and the Brigade never bought any more.
B209 and 210 GNL were the next appliances to be bought after the Bedfords and were a far superior appliance.
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